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Elegant Leg & Foot Massager My Sole (LM-360)

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HealthSense Elegant Leg & Foot Massager (MY SOLE – LM 360)

Take the Journey to the ultimate relaxation with HealthSense.

With 2 automatic program modes and a vast selection of manual setting this massager sits at the pinnacle of ultimate home foot massage! Using traditional Chinese medicines scrapping value, MY SOLE – LM 360 delivers deeper, wider and more stimulate massages to various acupuncture points of the foot giving the ultimate foot and leg relaxation. The unique 3D rotation kneading technology can be adjusted to massage the thighs or the legs depending on personal preferences. The massager also features activated carbon cloth far infrared heating function which is designed to reduce fatigue and improve health throughout the body.

Product Features:

Foot Scrapping/Reflexology

Take your health and well-being to a new realm, through the convenience of home leg massage with scrapping technique. Thoroughly targeting the vital points of the meridian lines along the legs, the combination of intense calf-gliding and foot roller reflexology produces the valuable health effects of traditional reflexology massage and stimulate acupressure points.


Calf Massage/Rotating Kneading

The unique 3D rotation kneading technology massages the calf in the both directions to effectively remove leg cramps, eliminate fatigue from general body fatigue or after exercise. Regular calf massage enables the body to use the ankle and knee joints more effectively when walking, running, jumping etc


Full Air Pressure Massager

The air bags massage your feet, ankles, calves, and knees to give you the most relaxing and revitalizing massage experience. The intensity is soft, the feels is solid and the massage methods are more flexible. The intensity changes progressively and thus could be able to stimulate the acupuncture points better. The massage range is very wide, from foot to calf, and then to the knee.


Far-Infrared Heating

The activated carbon cloth has far infrared heating function, which is the ideal light spectrum recognized by medical professionals. Far infrared produces resonance that resonating deeper with human cells, helps to reduce fatigue, accelerates blood circulation, activates the cells, and improves metabolism and immune system. It can efficiently prevent and adjuvant treats some diseases caused by microcirculatory disturbance (e.g. cold, rheumatism, rheumatoid etc.)


More Acupressure points:

Flexible shiatsu with full range of foot massager rejuvenates and relaxes your feet


Decompression Remote

According to different personal massage experience, decompression key instantly relieve foot massage, to make surely comfort


6 Strengths, 5 Programs , 30 Combinations & 16 Airbags

The diversiform program combinations allow you to select your favorite strength and program, providing perfect massage with 16 airbags fitted on right spot.


Overheating protection

With auto temperature control system, allow to avoid discomfort caused by overheating.


Size selection

Large: for men’s shoe size more than 8, for women’s shoe size more than 9
Medium: for men’s shoe size more than 6-8, for women’s shoe size more than 7-9
Small: for men’s shoe size less than 6, for women’s shoe size less than 7.


Easy to clean

Removable covers with zippers for easy washing and cleaning; to keep you enjoy a healthy massage all times


Product Name Elegant Leg & Foot Massager
Model No My Sole – LM 360
Product Color Milk Tea Yellow
Power 100W
Voltage AC 230V ~ 50 Hz
Timing 15 min schedule power off function
Security device Over current and over voltage protection
Net/Gross Weight 52 lbs (23.4 kg), 59 lbs (26.7 kg)
Product dimension 530mm(D) x 520mm (W) x 515mm (H)
Packing dimension 652mm(D) x 640mm (W) x 582mm (H)

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